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So if you read my last post “My First Brew Day“, you’ll know that I had a bit of a problem getting it hot… um, that is… bringing my brew to a boil.  It turns out that I had the wrong pot for an electric, flat topped stove.

Going in I knew that this might pose a problem, I was worried about the power of the stove to bring 2.5 gallons of wort to a boil, especially after adding all the malt extract.  What I didn’t realize was that I had purchased the completely wrong type of brew pot for this type of stove.

The bottom of my brew pot.

In this image you can see that there is a significant area on the bottom of my brew pot that is indented.  It is that area in the center of the pot.  That area doesn’t touch the stove at all, which is okay for a gas range.  But on an electric range like mine not enough surface area of the pot touches the heating elements making it difficult to bring all that wort to a boil.

At the time I wondered why my wort would come to a roiling boil almost immediately when moved off center of the burner but would die really quickly.  I hadn’t inspected the bottom of the pot before brewing and I certainly couldn’t do with over 2.5 gallons of hot liquid in the pot.

The new addition to my brewing equipment.

So that was the problem.  What would be my solution?  I really had two choices… well three, but I can’t afford to purchase a new gas range for the kitchen.

  1. Get a new Stainless Steel Pot with the right bottom.
  2. Get an outdoor propane burner.

Both of these would require out of pocket expenses but as you can see I decided to go with an outdoor burner. A new stainless steel pot would have been a bit more expensive than a burner but would have let me continue brewing indoors. But I want to be able to do a full boil at some point and maybe even move up to all grain brewing at some point in the future.

After a trip to several home improvement stores I finally found a turkey fryer burner, complete with an aluminum pot, for $50.  I don’t need or want the pot as it’s made of aluminum and it’s rather poorly made, but the burner itself is pretty decent.   It also came with a thermometer that I think will help me out more than the floating thermometer I have been using.  Next brew day is coming up so we’ll see how it all goes… I can’t wait.

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This has to be the number one recommended book for those who wish to learn to make their own home brewed beer. I picked it up and it has a wealth of knowledge in it. I highly recommend it.

Last time I checked Amazon was selling it for only $10.49 which is a lot less then what I got it for.

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